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Bing: Is anyone there?

Google handles close to 7 billion searches a day which estimates to about 1.7 billion people using Google as their preferred search engine. But what about Google’s good looking cousin Bing?

Google’s data shows us how it’s an undeniably powerful search engine and the most desirable platform for marketeers across the globe. It’s a busy playground where your friend is off playing with someone else, they can’t hear you over the raucous and your favourite slide has a train-like queue. Do you give up and go home or do you go across the road and play in the other playground? This playground has all the play space and there aren’t any queues! Let’s check it out.

According to Bing, there are 60 million users on their search engine; a pristine ride ready to be taken on! Compared to Google’s data, this may seem trivial, however, more search traffic corresponds to more marketers bidding on keywords and as Bing isn’t as populous as Google the cost to run ads on Bing are going to be far more inexpensive and won’t take a big chunk out of your budget. Budgeting on Bing looks good, what about the audience? Is anyone even there? Before this article and research into this data, whenever I heard “Bing” I would picture tumbleweed rolling across the search bar. Turns out there are plenty of people using the platform!

Bing’s user network consists of an older demographic (54% of users are 45+ and 46% of users are 45<), 22% have incomes in the top 25%, 80% are the decision-makers at work while 43% are the senior decision-makers at work. These details make Bing an irresistibly juicy piece of fruit you just want to bite into. We aren’t commending you abandon your preferred search engine and only focus on using Bing but rather, depending on your strategies, budget and clients, utilising Bing and it’s network so it complements your business goals.

Let’s dive into Microsoft Ads, shall we?

Bing is used by millions of people every day and that’s a lot of potential for your business. The benefits of Microsoft Ads come as a package deal; they offer certified search engine advertising training, they have built-in SEM tools that will help you boost your campaigns and their support system helps you 24 hours a day along with assisted product solutions that will guide you through to reaching your business goals.

Setting up Bing Ads is as easy as setting up your Google Ads. You can add your existing campaigns onto the platform effortlessly. If you already have great performing ads you’d like to try out on Bing then you have the option to import them directly from Google Ads with just one click! Well, there’s one click and then a couple of extra steps but check it out yourself, it’s like child’s play.


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