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Technical Experts

Our willingness to challenge our own beliefs means we constantly test new approaches to campaign set-up, audience targeting, and optimisation. This mentality puts us in the best position to understand what works for our clients and gives us the data to back it up.

Audience-First Approach

We combine our technical and data-led strategy with an audience-centric marketing approach. We use contextual, demographic, and first-party data signals to reach the right people and tailor our creative to them.

Data-Led Creative

When it comes to creative, our goal is to cater to the needs of both your target customer and the platform algorithms. Whether working with your creative team or ours, we take a data-led approach to identify what works and implement strict testing plans that allow us to iterate fast and drive continuous improvement. Please visit our Creative page for more info on this service.

Direct Access to Your Team

When working with PK, you have direct access to the Paid Social experts making things happen. We love Slack for quick communication, but we're also always available on the other end of a phone call or Hangout. Good or bad, they'll tell you how it is. 

Bespoke Reporting

We take pride in providing performance reports that support your business growth. At the start of all our new partnerships, we work together to create a bespoke dashboard to ensure we are showing what matters most to you.

Our reports are never a repeat of the platform numbers, and we don't manipulate them to make us look good. They are insightful, clear, and focused on delivering value for your team.

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We're experts across all the major social platforms such as Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. We test fast to learn the most effective mixture of technical set-up, audience targeting and creative. 

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Ready to maximise your social potential, brand awareness, and revenue?

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