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Adult retail marketing - it's a sticky situation

When it comes to the safety of family and children, political correctness, shame and prudishness marketing adult toys come with a game of restrictions. Facebook and Google are the unforgiving dommes that take all the fun out of the play.

Marketing an industry that is filled with restrictions and taboo is like a latex outfit; skin-tight but easy to move around… But how can brands in this space the most from their marketing?

Automation is big in adult retail just like any industry. But don’t start worrying about robots taking over just yet. You don’t have to automate everything although switching to smart bidding is going to enhance efficiency. Smart bidding will open the door to improving your accounts, ad copy and extensions.

When pleasure is the subject, it’s understandable that adult retail is an extremely competitive industry where everyone is competing in each other’s actions. Peeping Tom in his full glory. Discount seasons tend to be heavier and more frequent in contrast to other industries and they are intertwined with other brands as well. However, niche interest brands that have unique selling points don’t rely on discount seasons as much as lower-tier brands and mainstream adult retailers. Individuality is key.

One platform you can play on is Amazon. People are using Amazon more than ever to search for products, including sex toys and lingerie. Many adult retailers have a presence on the platform, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Keep in mind special dates such as Valentine’s Day. Inclusivity is key; your messaging should involve couples, singles and everyone in between. Get your messaging right on your landing pages so the right offers are reaching the right audience.

The cherry on the cake is down to your creativity. Thrill your audience and give them a taste of satisfaction through your content.


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