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5 ways CRM can improve your PPC campaigns

A CRM system is a tool that builds and maintains the relationships you have with your customers. CRM contains all the details of your customers, it also informs your PPC activity-but how?

You should capture as many details as possible during prospecting. Your customer’s details can be centralised, but you can also categorise them based on age, gender, location and type of customer which will make it easier for you to identify which of them will be profitable and the ones that aren’t. You can capture your customer’s conversations, sales cycles and their response to your marketing campaigns in a CRM which makes it a beneficial tool across an entire business, not just your email marketing team.

By automating certain areas of your CRM and procedures, coordination among your teams will increase thus allowing room for growth on your accounts.

  • Adding audiences to your campaigns through segmented CRM data will improve your ads and increase conversion on your PPC campaigns.

  • You can improve your ads and increase conversion on your PPC campaigns through rich data from your CRM.

  • When the right data is collected, a CRM can provide you with a sea of vital information. PPC platforms provide data for your campaigns, ads and keywords, however, integrating CRM data will provide more and in-depth details about your audience.

  • CRM will help you better understand where your high-quality leads are coming from, so you can optimise more toward them. You will understand where your poor quality leads are coming hence showing you the areas in which you need to improve.

  • Excluding certain segmented data; cold leads, people who have purchased. By defining the data you have and segmenting them into audiences, you can create specific campaigns based around that and will be able to meet your customer’s needs.

Building a relationship between these two teams is key. CRM is a part of many businesses that is overlooked when it contains rich data that is beneficial across all teams, especially PPC! Once you’ve gained access to the CRM you can begin your venture into understanding the type of data that has been collected which can then be used to improve your CRM strategies.

When you integrate your PPC data with your CRM, you will have a data powerhouse which you can use to create lookalike audiences based on your current audiences. Depending on the type of data that has been collected, your CRM can include information such as users who have purchased from you, who haven’t purchased in 6 months or your most loyal customers. If you segment your loyal customers then you can create lookalike audiences to increase your sales and ROI. Creating audiences based on a customers Lifetime Value is going to be much more powerful in contrast to a one-off purchase.


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