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The email marketing spring clean: 5 areas to tackle

Spring has sprung, you’ve decorated your home, done some gardening and gotten a new haircut. But how about the business side of things?

As flowers begin to blossom, businesses should also be on a mission to spring clean!

Now is the best time to scrub up your email marketing activity like you’re washing away the dirt on your garden patio. Brush up your campaigns for improved results across your business.

Check your email lists

Is your email list up to date? Updating your email list will improve the engagement your campaigns receive. (And potentially save you money!) Make sure you are clearing out unsubscribers and the inactive subscribers. Trimming your list may not seem like fun but this will essentially improve the engagement but also your results will be a more realistic representation in the future. See it as an opportunity to reflect on your previous campaigns and how you can improve your next ones.

Organise your segments

Now that you’ve organised your cupboards, it’s time to organise your updated email list. Segmenting your email lists is going to allow you to create tailored campaigns for these categories. Your customers have different needs and expectations from your brand so by segmenting these lists you can communicate with them in a personalised way. You can never have too many segments!

Edit your email templates

What are you going to do with these squeaky-clean lists? It would be a shame to waste old email templates on them. Update your templates, create new campaigns and see what response you get. If you’ve created a segment that you didn’t have before or acquired new customers that are completely new to your brand, why not create a tailored campaign for them? A new season is a great reason to A/B test your campaigns.

If your sales are falling amidst the coronavirus pandemic, nurture your lists with educational and information-rich content around your brand and industry. Go beyond sales and discount codes, provide your customers with brain food.

Spice up your automation

Most of us, including your customers, expect some sort of welcome email once we subscribe to a mailing list. You may have forgotten about the automated email that was set up ages ago but check to see if it’s still relevant to your brand and your message today. Consider changing the way you introduce yourself to your customers and how you want them to feel once they receive their first communication from you.

Re-evaluate your campaigns

Investigate the results of your past campaigns. Analyse which ones have been the most successful, the ones that haven’t and the ones that need updating. Eliminate unsuccessful campaigns and any campaigns that no longer serve your brand a purpose.

This spring cleaning is a chance to reflect on your strategies, build new ones or upcycle campaigns that have been successful. Make this detox a part of your regular routine. Clearing your email lists, campaigns and updating your strategies should be an element of your business rituals.

Enjoy the cleanse!


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