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Pinterest: The biggest sales-driving social platform

Do you think Pinterest is strictly a source of inspiration for recipes, home DIY projects, and beauty looks? Time to think again. In this blog, we’re diving into one of the most top performing social advertising platforms, and when done right, how Pinterest could be extremely beneficial for your brand.

Pinterest is an excellent discovery platform for advertising because users are in a “planning” mindset. Customers are mainly searching for things non-branded, which gives a massive opportunity for brands to place themselves in front of potential customers to influence them right at the very beginning – before they make a choice on a brand.

Here’s 4 reasons your brand should start advertising on Pinterest:

1. Increase conversions

The visual nature of the site gets people in a shopping mood, driving much more purchase intent decisions than any other social network. In fact, 87% of pinners have purchased something they’ve seen on the site and 93% have used Pinterest to plan purchases.

2. Generate demand

Pinterest is a great social network for demand generation. An amazing 97% of Pinterest’s search queries in Pinterest don’t mention a specific brand, which means its users are in active discovery mode. They’re open to finding new brands to explore and eventually purchase from, therefore, they could be discovering yours.

Pinterest users are 47% more likely to be introduced to new brands than users on other social platforms, which is a great advantage for new brands or start-ups that want to be discovered.

3. Drive traffic

With over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest, you have a great opportunity to advertise to a wider audience. When a user clicks on your pin, they are immediately taken to your website or designated landing page. Make sure you use clear, high-quality images that will spark interest to make your audience engage.

Pinterest’s search engine functions as a discovery tool and serves it’s users with content they like. Keyword optimization for content on Pinterest is a crucial step for gaining the long-term benefits.

4. Increase brand engagement

With engagement rates of 2-5%, promoted pins exceed industry benchmarks, since people are used to saving the Pins they’re considering for their future plans. And there’s more great news: Pinterest says brands also get an average of 30% free engagement when they conduct promoted pin campaigns. For example, if someone shares your promoted pin and another user clicks on it, that click is free for you.

And one last very important tip: Visual content is key! It’s no doubt that Pinterest is essentially all visual, so it’s important to remember you should always be creating visually appealing and relevant content. Here are some things to check off of your creative list when creating content for Pinterest:

  • Choose the right format – For images, use their vertical format (2:3 aspect ratio), and for videos, square format is preferred.

  • Using unique and high-quality images and videos are a MUST. No exceptions!

  • Use your brands’ logo, fonts and colours, but keep this to a minimum to not take away from the image.

  • Give context around your pin in the description section.

  • Create value – will the user save this pin for inspiration for later?

  • Include call-to-actions – these will entice the user to click through.

Overall, advertising on Pinterest can help grow your brand online and get actionable traffic and in-depth data from their audiences. As always, we recommend testing new audience targeting options and imagery to better your campaign performance to find out what works best for you, and to make sure your creatives are top-notch to get that potential customer’s attention.

Curious to give Pinterest ads a shot? Let us know if we can help you!


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