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How to do remarketing properly

Your remarketing strategy is wrong. Why are you showing a product to someone that has already purchased it?

Not everyone is Paris Hilton and can afford to buy the same product in every different colour just for the hell of it, nor do they want to. And if someone has already purchased a certain product from you, chances are they already know what it looks like, whatever the colour.

When a remarketing advert about a product I just purchased pops up in my feed it doesn’t make any sense. Imagine the amount of junk marketing you’re producing just because of this? Your creatives and ads for this product may be great but the overall wasted impressions you create from that single ad alone is enough reason to evaluate your remarketing strategy.

So what should you be doing? Use the data!

Let’s say you sell jewellery. You’re ready to launch your remarketing campaign. But that’s far too vague… First off, start by excluding anyone that has purchased the product you’re remarketing – this will prevent the annoyance of seeing ads for products you already own. Then look at behaviour metrics, do you really want to be remarketing to people that looked at a product for 2 seconds then bounced? Or would you rather create a pool of people that spent multiple minutes looking at a product as well as exploring the blog? (We’d prefer you remarketing to the latter group)

People that abandoned checkout should also be treated differently in your remarketing, after all, there is some very clear intent to convert…

Your existing customers should not be exempt from remarketing. Try starting with segmenting your customers based on their purchase history – look at the customers who have purchased some rings, for example, build upsell creatives around the necklace range and remarket to them this way.

Give your customers valuable content. If you’ve got it flaunt it! Keep your customers engaged and show them all the amazing products you have to offer. They like your products but it’s important to show them the value of your brand too.

Remarketing is also a great way to retain your customers. Your present customers are precious, treat them like they deserve all the gifts in the world. If you offer a subscription or contractual based service for example, use your CRM data to your advantage; if someone’s subscription is about to end you can send them offers in order to show them you value them but also to retain them!

Remarketing is one of the most undervalued areas of marketing. Without looking at the data I’d confidently say you should be doing more of it – PLEASE just make sure it’s done in the right way.


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