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Facebook Ads: hyper-targeting vs. broad audiences

Your creatives should deliver value, provide relevance to your target audience and the message you want to deliver should be concise.

Users are more conscious and aren’t clicking on ads as much as they used to. They don’t want to leave the social platform they use hence why now you see the options to buy inside the Instagram bubble that gives the user a sense of security.

One way to optimise on platform is keeping audiences broad. Provide Facebook with six or seven ad sets with enough budget for it to optimise over a couple weeks. Utilise the Facebook algorithm and its data. Trust the algorithm’s flow. Facebook wants you to let them control the targeting so, unsurprisingly, you need to pay a premium to access certain interests.

It all stems down to two points:

  1. The objectives of your campaign; how they are set up and structured,

  2. Your creatives; there’s a vast ocean of posts out there. Don’t get caught in the tide.

Suppose you’ve kept your audiences broad, allowed the algorithm to do its thing and your CPC’s have decreased. Your CPC’s have decreased but as your reach has increased, have you considered the rise in sending out junk marketing into the world wide web?

Facebook has a powerful way of how you can avoid junk marketing along with saving precious time and money through hyper-targeting. Once you start layering targeting options, your messaging will be concise and relevant enough to get in front of the user.

In the long run this may appear counter-productive and costly at first, however, haul hyper-targeted audiences will establish the targeting of the most valuable audiences and warrant high conversion potential. Your ROI is going to increase once you’ve concluded the people interested in your posts which will correspond to less junk marketing.

Consider this is also dependent on the campaigns and what you measure. Acquiring customers and remarketing are separate campaigns that have different costs. Shape your targeting strategy depending on what you want to achieve and test, test, test!


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