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5 ways e-commerce brands can benefit from direct mail

We love a throwback. Direct Mail is the retro style that’s making a comeback for the better good! There are diverse ways your brand can benefit from Direct Mail, here we highlight 5 ways your marketing strategy can be strengthened.

1. Build stronger customer relationships

You’re already communicating with your customers through a variety of channels such as email and social media but reaching out to them with a physical piece of communication is going to make them feel valued and loved.

If you have been collecting the right data from the start then you can really make your customers feel special and like they are part of your brand. Send them birthday cards, membership anniversaries and personalised offers. If you haven’t collected this data and would like to then you can start by sending your customers surveys or questionnaires. Use your email list or build engagement through your social platforms.

2. Maximise abandoned checkouts

A good old abandoned cart email is generally effective, but have you tested the impact of someone receiving that gentle reminder to pick up where they left off through something physical? If it increases checkouts with a healthy ROI it has to be worth testing.

There are many reasons behind customers abandoning their shopping baskets such as payment method issues, distractions, pricing or a lack of purchase confidence. This is an opportunity to reach out to your customers with a snazzy Direct Mail piece to build trust, confidence and secure the transaction.

3. Enhance the customer welcome journey

Welcome emails should be part of your marketing strategy and customers rightly expect a welcome message when they sign up to a newsletter, become a member or purchase for the first time.

You should consider integrating something physical into your welcome journey to enhance your customers experience with your brand. This can be anything from a list of products or services you offer, an extra little discount code tailored for them or, depending on what you offer, a small welcome pack.

4. Show your VIPs some love

Utilise your CRM and identify your most loyal customers. Segment them into a new category and send these diamond customers something special like a lookbook, personalised brochure of items that they like or a zine based on the data you’ve collected.

If you haven’t already, consider setting up a membership or loyalty program. Memberships increase revenue by 5-10% and members can spend up to 20% more than an average buyer. So while you keep your diamond customers satisfied, your finance team is going to be thrilled as well!

5. Personalise customer content

You can use Direct Mail like any other online ad format. Your CRM will provide you with a juicy purchase history, so establish the products your customer has purchased from you already and send them a tailored mailing piece. Make sure to include a variety of similar products and maybe a sneak-peek into any upcoming products and promotions that you’re confident they’ll like.


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