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5 reasons direct mail is still important in 2020

The digital age may have brought new kids to the block and it may seem like Direct Mail is yesterday’s news but, it can enhance your business goals if done in the right way.

The stats and facts don’t lie. Direct Mail has an open rate of a whopping 90% whereas only 20-30% of emails are opened. Based on a neuromarketing study, direct mail not only lowers blood pressure, but it also requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital forms of marketing. So, while you’re opening your post, your brain is cooling down.

Doormats are less busy than an inbox.

This physical piece of material excites our brains in all the good ways imaginable. It triggers value and desirability and activates longer-term memory with a more precise recall. This is highly advantageous if you are inviting your customers to action something. They are more likely to purchase your product, recall a time slot in which they need to use their flashy discount card and remember your brand.

It's different and unusual so it will add to customers remembering you.

Direct Mail is your opportunity to break out of the digital sensory overload and make your mark. Be different, be distinctive. Show your customers how you are great while they inspect the peculiar piece of material from the past!

As material content is easier to understand it also makes it more likely to be remembered by your customers. While your customers enjoy the beautiful piece of post you sent them, you are also going to be more noticeable to them in contrast to the hundreds of emails they receive daily. Communicate how much you value your customers with this simple step. Unearthing this OG marketing strategy in the new age is going to leave a mark in your customer’s memory.

Addressed mail can be as targeted as any online advertising.

Once you set up your audience you can then start segmenting and create tailored messages to your customers. Depending on your product or services, all your customers have different needs and expectations from you, make sure you communicate with them in the way they need/want.

DM can be automated through your CRM platform.

If you utilise your CRM you can even create automated campaigns. Just like cake, it’s the filling that makes cake so delicious… When it comes to creating your direct mail strategy, it doesn’t end at making a shiny brochure or envelope. Think of the ingredients, who do you want to reach out to; why do you want to communicate with your customer to begin with; what do you want them to do once they receive this DM piece; how are you going to track your results?

It can be made from fully recyclable material and be recycled.

Post gets a lot of stick for potentially being junk and not environmentally friendly – but you can avoid junk marketing through vigorous targeting and great campaigns – and you can please the environment SJWs by using fully recyclable materials which can also then get recycled. Who knows, maybe you can create a leaflet that can be upcycled into something else? The world is your oyster, get creative, have fun with it!

As the digital age has evolved, so has direct mail. Using direct mail has never been easier and it’s the best time to reach out to your customers if you want to be unique.

Give it a try!

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