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3 ways to improve remarketing and lookalike audiences

In digital marketing, audiences are targetable categories of people based on interests, location, gender, behaviour etc. When it comes to creating your remarketing and lookalike audiences you must go beyond seeing them as merely “users who visit your website”.

You need to dive much deeper. When you start dating someone, you want to get to know and understand the person as much as you can before taking it to the next step, right? Your data is the candle-lit date that is going to provide you with rich stories that will help you understand who your audience is, what they like and how they interact with your brand.

Here are some quick wins which will help unlock your full potential when it comes to setting up audiences.

1. Purchase history

Time to bring out the magnifying glass and take a closer look at your customers who have purchased with you before. Establish who your regulars are, how they react with your brand and treat accordingly. Their conversion rates, average revenue and CPA are going to differ based on the times they have converted on your site.

2. Recency and frequency of visits

The timeframe in which your audience visits your brand is also significant. You can set up the recency visits from 1 day up to 90+ days – adjust these settings based on your campaign goals and what you want to analyse.

3. Site depth

Every person’s behaviour on your site is different and no matter how you build it, they are going to navigate your site in their own way. For example, some people will visit your About page before checking out your products or services whereas some of them will go straight to Check Out. Your objective here should be segmenting these behaviours so you’re not sending the same message to everyone. Cater to everyone’s individual needs.

Tracking and identifying everyone’s behaviour may become lengthy however, this is going to make everything from bid adjustments and multipliers to creatives and ad copy much easier to update and manage.

For instance, in a bid adjustment scenario, audience segmentation can be applied to all campaigns, the multiplier would increase the brand’s eagerness to create a cost for a certain term. Although this blended CPA wouldn’t create any ROI it could have a positive impact on specific audiences.

Making these extra efforts is an intricate task to begin with but the long term results are much too valuable to dismiss.


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