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Enhanced Privacy Protection: iOS 17 Automatically Removes Tracking Parameters.

Introduction: With the release of iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, Apple continues prioritising user privacy by introducing new features that preserve your online browsing experience. One such feature is Link Tracking Protection, which automatically removes tracking parameters from links in Mail, Messages, and Safari's Private Browsing mode. Let's explore how this enhancement strengthens privacy measures for Apple users.

Protecting Against User-Identifiable Tracking Parameters: Advertisers and analytics firms often employ tracking parameters in link URLs to monitor user activity across websites. Instead of relying on third-party cookies, these parameters are added to the end of the URL, bypassing Safari's intelligent tracking prevention features. They associate user profiles with these parameters to serve personalised ads. Apple aims to combat this behaviour and safeguard user privacy.

Automatic Detection and Removal: Safari now automatically identifies and removes identifying parts of the URL that contain tracking parameters. The rest of the URL remains intact, ensuring you can access the intended web page. This seamless process occurs during browser navigation in Safari's Private Browsing mode. The same protection extends to links clicked on from the Mail and Messages apps, providing a comprehensive safeguard against tracking.

Private Click Measurement for Ad Attribution: Recognising the need for advertisers to measure campaign success without compromising individual user activity, Apple introduces Private Click Measurement. This alternative method enables advertisers to track ad campaign conversion metrics while preserving user privacy. With Private Click Measurement, advertisers gain insights into campaign performance without accessing personal browsing details.

Conclusion: iOS 17's automatic removal of tracking parameters from links and enhanced privacy measures in macOS Sonoma exemplify Apple's commitment to protecting user privacy while browsing the web. By ensuring that tracking parameters are eliminated and introducing Private Click Measurement for ad attribution, Apple empowers users to maintain control over their online activities while allowing advertisers to evaluate campaign effectiveness. With these advancements, Apple continues to set a new standard for privacy preservation in the digital realm.


  • Apple: iOS 17 Preview

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