What eCommerce Fashion Brands Are Doing Well & Where They Can Improve

LFW has come to an end so Rhys & Marcus share their thoughts on what they think brands have been doing well with their marketing. There’s been a big shift with how eCommerce brands engage with their customers. There’s more emphasis on loyalty, data is being segmented and customer care has transformed into a more personalised experience.

Brands are tailoring their creatives based on their customer’s insights and tuning them to be more user-generated. As brands have a better understanding of what customers want it’s making their audience’s experiences much more personable.

If you’re haven’t already, you should consider adding SMS as a channel to communicate with your audience and think about re-engaging your existing customers before acquiring new ones. There’s a gap in communication from big brands in contrast to small brands. Bigger brands tend to send blanketed emails or sales-focused emails whereas small brands approach in a more personalised way.

Everyone is producing creatives and content but it’s more important to create personalised content that your audience can engage with, not only to boost your vanity metrics but also so they take away something from it and add value to their timeline. There’s a vast ocean of content out there, and it appears that everyone is attempting to catch the same fish but there’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Is this fish really the right one for you or are you just going along with the tide? Pull your sails in, grab your ropes tight, use the wind to your advantage and make the boat go faster.

It’s a great practice to optimise your keywords, ad copy and such but don’t neglect your feed, that needs just as much optimisation as the other areas in your posts. Keep an eye on your creatives and feed, compare the data you have available and once you have an understanding of what’s been working well with them it will become easier for you to enhance their performance.