End of season – Ask Us Anything

We round up Season 1 of our podcast with a series of questions from our listeners.

A great take from this podcast is the fact that people are talking more about marketing and questioning their marketing experience. One notable episode for this is the Perks and Perils of Personalisation, which is Rhys’ favourite. People are becoming aware that junk mail isn’t limited to physical post and direct mail. There is an increasing amount of digital junk that can be eliminated through personalisation and targeting.

Luke’s favourite is the Black Friday episode and coincidentally, this AMA episode was recorded on Cyber Monday! If marketers put in half the effort into creating a loyal customer and re-engaging as they do into acquiring new customers, their businesses would thrive. This correlates with the Winning Customers in a Hyper Competitive World episode and Marcus agrees that it’s not only about winning customers but engaging them.

Let’s tuck into the questions:

Will PPC become totally automated?

No. PPC may be increasingly becoming automated but this doesn’t mean it’s becoming less time-consuming. Machine Learning is big in PPC but AI isn’t involved. And although AI is developing quickly, we can’t replace the human mind. Automation of bidding strategies, smart bidding and rules haven’t necessarily made the work easier, if anything they are becoming even more complicated as you need to have an understanding of the automation works.

Has SMS marketing got a future?

Absolutely. PK is a strong believer in this platform – especially for retail. It’s a great channel where you can grab your customer’s attention as not a lot of people are utilising it. The best part of SMS is how you can use time in your favour; nowadays, one of the first things we do when we wake up is to check our phones so seeing a text notification is going to be more intriguing than the tens of emails you receive. Email is a great channel but it’s very saturated; take a look at your inbox from Black Friday!

Is SMS an abandoned channel as WhatsApp is used so regularly and SMS is less obtrusive than appearing in someone’s WhatsApp?

SMS isn’t a channel that is suitable for every campaign but it’s an effective way to stand out as it’s an inbox that doesn’t fill up quickly. A disruptive approach doesn’t have to be obtrusive. Similar to direct mail, SMS has been abandoned as it’s seen as an out-dated channel but it has a lot of potential.

What are your favourite marketing channels?

  • Microsoft ads. It’s the underdog search platform.
  • Direct Mail. He’s enjoyed getting involved in other marketing channels after having a digital background.
  • Bus ads. OOH is very impactful for brand awareness and it looks great too!

The best performing ads are the ones that look organic and grab your attention. Bus ads stand out because people spend more time on their creatives.

So what is it that you do? – a special request from Carla Knight

Marcus’ main responsibility is stopping Rhys and Luke arguing.

Where would you prioritise prospecting getting the most out of existing customers on a limited budget?

This depends entirely on where you are at on your business journey. Prioritising your business goals is key. You should focus on prospecting and reaching new people who come back to your website. Re-marketing shouldn’t be a priority as you need data before anything. You should collect data through email and re-target on email marketing.

If you’re already receiving heavy organic traffic to your website, you can focus on dynamic Facebook ads or display re-marketing instead of investing in paid media prospecting.

When acquiring new customers make sure you are always building up to a rich database solid life cycle. Once you have an additional budget you can focus on re-marketing. Data and re-marketing are connected so you can find a balance.

What are you excited for in 2020?

  • The return and rise of Direct Mail
  • Incorporating SMS into more campaigns
  • Venturing into TikTok marketing
  • LinkedIn updates
  • The continuous evolution of automated bidding and how we can use it at PK
  • Marcus’ book recommendations
  • Season 2 of The Audience Marketing Show

This year has been full of exciting developments and everyone at PK is looking forward to a successful 2020. Thanks to everyone who has supported The Audience Marketing Show so far!