Generating qualified leads

WARC’s purpose is to save the world from ineffective marketing by putting evidence at the heart of every marketing decision. Since 1985, the company has brought confidence to marketing decisions through the most trusted research, case studies, best practice, data and inspiration. Read further to learn how PK supports them in their efforts to generate qualified leads.

The brief

PK was tasked with creating a series of Online Advertising campaigns around key content pieces to build awareness, generate traffic, and drives leads into their business.

The approach

Using an audience-based approach, we profiled and targeted users across their key regions and industries who were aligned with WARCs wider business goals.

From the targeting to the creative, the whole campaign was aligned with WARC’s wider business objectives to ensure every penny counted in reaching the right users. Whilst on the face of it this highly targeted approach lead to higher costs, the end result was a cheaper cost per acquired lead.

The results

  • Click-through-rate +170%

  • CPL -47%

  • Cost-per-click -37%

PK are not just a partner to your business but take the time and energy to make it feel like they are part of your business, as well as understand your objectives. Their passion and dedication for their work and in the industry is admirable and results have always reflected that.
Kate, Global Product & Propositions Marketing Manager