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Acquiring new homes and customers during the pandemic

Renting a home should be as easy as buying your shopping online - right? Unfortunately, not always. That’s why Spotahome was born; an online platform for mid- to long-term home rentals, regardless of your age or professional status. Without the need for in-person viewings, Spotahome provides high-quality photos, videos, floorplans, detailed information and guarantees about every property, so renting your new home can be as easy as ordering your groceries online.

The Brief

Prospect Knight partnered with Spotahome to help them spread the word about their user-friendly rental community. During the pandemic, our goal was to overcome user concerns about moving during COVID-19 and dramatic drops in search demand.

We also wanted to improve the quality of users reached and drive a much more efficient conversion rate, as well as reaching international users and expand their online advertising portfolio into new cities in order to drive long term growth.

The Approach

We started by creating dynamic search campaigns using a feed of tens of thousands of property pages across Europe. This allowed us to target super specific search queries and grab attention by showing ad copy that called out exactly what the users are looking for, whether it was a specific kind of property or a particular neighbourhood, and then taking the user to a super relevant landing page.

Dynamic campaigns subsequently drove 60% higher click-through rate and 15% lower bounce rate than standard keyword campaigns. These campaigns also massively increased search reach by targeting specific search queries that a standard keyword campaign would not have reached. We also expanded these campaigns into 6 languages with worldwide audience targeting in order to reach international audiences.

The Results

  • 83% increase in bookings YOY

  • 32% increase in conversion rate YOY

  • 360% increase in international bookings YOY

  • Expanded search activity into 5 new cities

"I'm happy with the results we are obtaining and the support we are getting from Conor and Bekah, which are a delight to work with."

- Jorge Alonso, VP of Product and Engineering


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