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Acquiring customers for an international sports retailer

Read on to learn how PK is helping an international sports apparel company achieve new levels of growth through online advertising.

The Brief

This client wanted to generate growth, through new customer acquisition, in their key markets across North America and EMEA.

The Approach

Initially, we focused on brand Paid Search to generate initial uplifts in revenue. Competitor bidding in this space is rampant, so our client was losing a fair amount here to third party brands.

Over time, and due to strong performance, the strategy began to emphasise new customer acquisition through non-brand Paid Search, Shopping, and Social advertising. Our multi-channel approach has allowed us to chase the strongest returns across all target markets.

Our approach has put technology at its heart, constantly refining and upgrading our approaches over time to take advantage of the latest best practices when it comes to artificial intelligence products like Smart Bidding. This has allowed us to generate significant amounts of growth in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

The Results

  • Traffic +210%

  • Revenue +415%

  • ROAS +61%


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