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Acquiring new customers with PPC and social

Frangipani is a menswear brand producing shirts. But not any old shirts, they make shirts that they want to wear, that their friends love and their contemporaries covet. Frangipani aims to capture a bold spirit that celebrates colour! They create cool, unseen before prints. Prospect Knight uses Search, Shopping and Social Ads to sell them.

The Brief

Growth. Growth. Growth. Frangipani is on a mission to bring colour to people’s lives. There was a desire to speed up growth through Search and Social advertising whilst maintaining efficiency and reaching a CPA target of £10.

The Approach

At the heart of our approach on Facebook was increasing Frangipani’s reach and audience through interest and broad targeting. Given the quality of the product, it was an easy sell once in-front of the right people.

To complement the increased reach, we spent time creating a Facebook feed which allowed us to increase our remarketing efforts, using Facebook’s DPA ads to remarket the relevant shirts to the correct user.

Finally, through constant testing we also worked on the message used on Facebook, making subtle changes until we found a message which really resonated with the user.

The Results

  • +100% purchases YOY

  • 42% increase revenue YOY

  • 300% improvement in ROAS

"These guys are ninjas! A huge asset to my business"

- Ben, Founder of Frangipani


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Ready to maximise your social potential, brand awareness, and revenue?

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