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Building a brand in a new market

CBII’s purpose is simple: to help you feel your best, naturally. They harness the power of the hemp plant to help restore balance to your body and mind. Using reliable science and sustainable practices, their range of high-quality CBD products are made with all-natural botanicals.

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The Brief

Prospect Knight were invited on board to build a strong database of highly engaged customers and to support their retention rate. Our task was to create a leading CRM acquisition and retention strategy from the very start. With a new brand launching in lockdown, our aim was to build strong foundations, educate the customer while the brand is seen as a trusted partner in the CBD space.

The Approach

We spent a lot of time behind the scenes planning out and building automated triggers, matching them to the stage of a customer’s journey.

Our acquisition strategy grew from simple sign ups to a plethora of lead generation forms and popups across different parts of the website. Serving relevant content at every touch point, we made sure that each customer’s journey is consistent from beginning to an end, and in line with their expectations. The more the database grew, the more we learnt about the CBII customer and were able to utilise that data to advance everything we do.

The Results

  • Exceeded database acquisition targets in year 1

  • Overachieved revenue results for year 1

  • 2021 revenue is up +81% compared to the previous period last year

"PK team feels like an extension to CBII, collaborative working style is great, always willing to review opportunities and requests to help grow the brand."

- Phoebe White, Senior Marketing Manager


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