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Winning back customers in a dog-eat-dog world

Butternut Box is the UK's home for fresh dog food delivery. All of their healthy, freshly prepared meals are delivered direct to your door. Here's how we helped them to win back lapsed customers using Direct Mail.

Image source: Butternut Box

The Brief

Like any business, some customers will eventually leave. But a proportion of these can always be re-engaged and won-back.

The Butternut Box team usually run win-back campaigns using Email, however, they wanted to test whether introducing Direct Mail into this work would achieve a higher percentage of customer reactivation.

The Approach

Overall, this campaign was a huge success and demonstrated Direct Mail as a new channel to reactivating previous customers.

Historically Butternut Box has relied on email plus supporting digital activities to drive our reactivation efforts, and we wanted to see if there were more levers to pull to increase the effectiveness of our reactivation campaigns.

Direct Mail was a great opportunity as they naturally collected mailing information as part of the sign-up flow, and with the current environment and proportion of people working from home, it was the perfect time to test.

The approach to the test was to do an A/B/C test looking at the effectiveness of Email alone, Direct Mail alone, and Direct Mail and Email combined. The test segment was a group of paused customers that from previous campaigns it was clear had a higher propensity to reactivate in order to gather the most insight.

The results were very exciting as they saw Direct Mail driving a 35% higher reactivation rate than Email alone, and when combined reactivation rate was increased by 80%.

*The Direct Mailer was a fully personalised 4pp A5 inserted into a branded envelope.

The Results

  • Direct mail drove +35% reactivation rate than email alone

  • Direct mail and email combined lead to +80% reactivation rate

"It was great to see just how powerful direct mail can be for reactivating customers. The increases we achieved were much higher than we had expected."

- Julian Smallshaw, Head of Digital Marketing


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