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Test to impress: How simple A/B testing can increase your database

We’re big believers in testing, testing, and more testing. It’s crucial to spend time testing different audiences and how they behave to determine what they respond to more effectively. The more you trial different techniques, the better you’ll understand your audience. Learning how to treat those special VIP customers makes for a huge benefit in the long run.

Recently, we ran a subscriber sign up A/B test with two of our clients that yielded very interesting results. The goal of the sign up form test was to find out whether a new feature of minimizing the website pop up, with an incentive CTA then displaying, would increase form submissions. Getting quality form submissions is crucial in building your CRM database and building up your brand to customers who are interested.

Our first test, with a women’s luxury evening wear brand, we saw statistically significant results within the first 20 minutes of launching, with a 100% win probability, indicating that their new feature of the minimized pop up with a CTA of “Get 10% off” did indeed improve submission rates. Since the test, we’ve seen a 43% increase in average form submission rate overall.

We also ran the same test with another client,, a high-quality CBD-based product company, which gave us more positive results. The minimised website pop up for this brand also performed exceptionally, with a 93.2% win probability, confirming that the minimized pop up with a CTA of “Get your free capsules” was more favoured by their audience, triggering them to click on it and submit their details. Since the start of this test, we’ve seen a 60.1% increase in average form submissions.

Below is an example of the website sign up form we set up and tested for, seeing how the customer experiences their journey.

Upon entering the site, the customer is shown the offer and submission form on the far left, with an option to fill out or close the form.

If the customer closes the form without submitting, a minimized version is still lurking in the bottom, with a bold CTA of “Get your free capsules”. The customer may have minimized the pop up immediately without even reading it, so the bold and short CTA draws their eye back to the form.

After running this A/B test with two e-commerce brands and receiving strong results, it’s clear that this type of submission form was favoured by their audiences. However, without testing options like we did, as well as giving it a chance to run with your users, you really can’t assess its value. This is why it’s super important to test, test, and test!

Are you curious about conducting A/B tests or running new trials? Let us know if you need help segmenting your audiences or data to achieve solid results.


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