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Questions every PPC manager should ask their CRM manager

When starting a PPC campaign you’ll have access to previous campaign data, however, there’s an entire vault of data you can get your hands on through CRM. Through combined forces, CRM can improve your PPC campaigns.

Can I have access to your CRM?

Let’s go back to basics. You can’t get your eyes and hands on the valuable data inside a CRM without granted access. Ask your new chum to show you the beautiful world of customer data. Learn about your customers; the type of data that’s been collected will give a glimpse into their spending habits, interests etc. Analyse how the data has been segmented (VIPs, lapsed customers etc). Explore pushing these audiences into Google and Bing Ads; merge the new CRM data you’ve discovered with your campaign data, ascertain the group of customers you want to approach and boost your marketing strategy!

What software do you use?

The first step is understanding the software that’s used. Surprisingly, a lot of brands aren’t aware of the CRM that’s used within the company. Understand the software before trying to maximise efficiency or your workload. There are different types of software out there that all have their own purpose, depending on what you want to achieve.

Now that you’ve unlocked a new level of data, start segmenting. This way, you can approach the right people with the right message and reduce your wastage. For instance, you can incorporate ads into welcome emails for your new customers or win-back campaigns for the customers you’d like to reach again.

This new force can also positively reflect on the CRM team. The data that PPC champions need can evolve the type of information that’s captured into the software and the way it’s used.

What data do you collect?

Every business has different strategies and goals they want to achieve and not every business will collect the same data. Depending on your strategy, check the software you use and the data you’ve been collecting. Once you have an understanding of the current data you have you can start shaping your CRM strategy to achieve your desired goals.

How do you use that data?

What’s the point in collecting all of this data if you’re not using it to your advantage? If you’ve integrated your PPC data with your CRM, you can access your loyal customers, users who have recently purchased and who haven’t in the past 6 months. This way, you can differentiate who you want to contact and create campaigns that are going to be relevant thus reducing your wastage. Go green with your campaigns.


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