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How to turn new customers into brand loyalists

We’re at the peak of January sales, your monthly revenue is looking great and so does your Q4 of 2019. But what are you doing after these big sale periods to turn newly acquired customers into lifetime brand loyalists?

Acquiring new customers is half the battle, turning these new people into lifelong customers is the other half! So how can you move people from a one-off purchase to multiple over a number of years? The key is to capture as many details from your customers during their first purchase and store them in a customer profile within a CRM. Information such as an address, birthday (age), hobbies, local stores and interests is going to be useful once you’ve decided it’s time to re-reach out to your customers.

See-through your customer’s eyes; why did they purchase from you in the first place? People buy based on emotional behaviour. As humans, we want to feel like we belong, like we are appreciated. If the only communication you’re making is about a juicy discount code – though appreciated – this isn’t going to give the impression that you value your customer’s loyalty, rather their spending habits.

Your first contact with customers post-sale shouldn’t be about getting more sales! You already know this customer likes your product – this is your opportunity to shine bright and prove why they should stick around and show them who you are. Introduce yourself and what your company stands for, send them insightful articles or blog posts. How about a snazzy piece of direct mail for extra significance?

If a really cool shirt is selling like ice lollies on a hot summer’s day, send them a blog with a design mood board or how they can style their next outfit; inspire them to visit your website naturally. Spark curiosity in their minds. Enlighten their customer experience.

Remember, prospecting is a vital stage in your marketing, but you must put equal amounts of energy into your retention strategy, especially if your CRM is already bundled with data!


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