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CRM: More than just email

Customer relationship management, or as we call it – CRM – is an open book when it comes to new opportunities for your business. You hold the power to use your data to its full extent to engage with your customers more effectively.

Whether you just started building your CRM, or you have a tactical strategy set up, we’re here to stress the importance of the valuables that a CRM software gives your business, and if executed correctly, can skyrocket your sales.

If you think CRM solely consists on sending promotional emails to your database, well, we hate to break it to you mate, but you’re doing it wrong. Not to worry, as this blog is about utilising your CRM software to the fullest. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Utilise your data

As always, it’s super important to collect as much data as you can on your customers. The better you understand your customers, the better you understand how they behave. The more you know, the more marketing opportunities you have.

One example on how to retrieve more data for new customers is to refine your website pop up. When asking your customers to sign up, ask for their birthday; offer them that they will get a special treat on their birthday. Whether you email them an exclusive discount code, or give them another special birthday offer, this is a tactic a lot of brands have jumped on into retrieving new email sign ups.

If you haven’t collected this data and would like to, then you can start by sending your customers surveys or questionnaires. Use your email list or build engagement through your social platforms.

Create a loyalty programme

If you’ve been on top of your customer data, you most likely have separate audiences based on behaviours (usually your CRM system does it for you). One tactic that has become more and more popular with every brand is a special VIP or loyalty programme.

From exclusive access to new collections, early bird discounts, special offers and birthday surprises, the options to entice your loyal customers are really endless. By treating these repeat purchasers as special VIP customers, you are acknowledging their love for your brand, and by sending them exclusive member-only offers, they are more likely to keep shopping with you. Memberships increase revenue by 5-10% and loyal customers can spend up to 20% more than an average buyer.

Direct mail

Ah, good ol’ direct mail. Believe it or not, direct mail is still a powerful marketing strategy, even in today’s digital-filled world. As expected, direct mail only works with a customer’s full (and up to date) address, so make sure you have that list exported from your CRM before sending anything out.

You can integrate something physical into your welcome journey to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand. This can be anything from a list of products or services you offer, an extra little discount code tailored for them, or, depending on what you offer, a small welcome pack.

As previously mentioned, something personal can mean a lot to your customers. That’s why sending out a physical piece of communication, like a birthday card, VIP treats, and other member-only offers will make your customers feel valued and loved.

In a research study from JICMAIL, 70% of people have been driven towards an online activity by direct mail. So, what are you waiting for?

SMS marketing

Ding, ding, you’ve got a text! SMS Marketing provides businesses the opportunity to connect with customers where they are spending the most time; their mobile devices. With low costs, high open rates, and easy integration with your CRM software, SMS is one of the latest advancements in the way you engage with your customers.

When was the last time you asked your customers how they would like to hear from you? Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your customers always want to hear from you in the same way – give them options. Permissions for SMS can easily be added to your existing sign-up processes and it gives the power back to your customers.

With SMS, you are able to push flash sales and create urgency, as well as personalising your messages to each of your audience groups, sending them unique offers and deals.

We’ve been shouting about jumping on SMS just in time for Black Friday, and here’s why. For East London fashion brand, Prévu, Prospect Knight helped create a “clothing hotline” SMS community for fans to be the first to hear of new product launches. During the month of November, SMS generated a CTR of 11.45% and a ROAS of 2121.09%!

We could keep rambling on about the benefits of having an efficient CRM strategy that’s unique to your brand, but we figured we’d cut it there. If you’d like to test out any of these new strategies, feel free to reach out to us, we’re always here to help!


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