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2022 Marketing Predictions

Hello 2022! We hope everyone enjoyed their festive season, however you decided to celebrate it. Even though many of us may feel like we’re still stuck in 2020, we’re looking forward to a brighter year where things (hopefully) become normal again.

One thing's for sure that hasn’t slowed down is technology — and since the pandemic, the way we interact with one another as businesses and consumers has already evolved over the last two years. From TikTok, the Metaverse, and Bitcoin, the digital world we live in never fails to surprise us with it’s new changes.

In this blog, we’re rounding up some of the most predicted trends for this year when it comes to marketing. So get your notebooks out, it’s time to make sure you have these key points in your 2022 strategy.

Video content is a key success factor

A major trend we saw throughout 2021 was the increase of creative video content, especially TikTok. This will only skyrocket in 2022, and brands will need to get their thinking caps on. Video must become a core component of your strategy — but simply hitting record and throwing up a plain video is no longer enough. It must be creative, interactive, innovative, and entertaining to stand out in today’s digital marketing landscape

Quick new content is key, so make sure to factor in a large amount of time for this in 2022, your online ads and CRM teams will most definitely need it.

Getting more personal

Now more than ever, consumers want to feel connected to a brand. With more people shopping online, customers want a more personalized experience, no matter what channel. You ever wonder how Netflix always just nails your new series and film recommendations? They collect data based on what you watch, and use that to promote new films you might like

This year the expectation is going to be set high for brands to make an effort to understand their customer and how they operate. Getting creative with your website journey, as well as CRM segmentation and audiences will be super crucial to retaining those loyal customers, and making them keep coming back for more. You’ll need to do more than personalising an email with a customer’s name — offer recommended products based on previously purchased things, or share location-specific possibilities. The more unique, the better.

Shoppable content will continue to rise

The way we shop has completely changed. Global e-commerce sales grew by nearly 30% last year, with new ways to make online content more “shoppable” have emerged. You can now buy products directly from social posts, when tuning into favourite shows, and even while watching YouTube videos.

In this consumer trend article from Google, they refer to having the ABCD framework for effective, shoppable creatives: Attention, Branding, Connection, and Direction. Consider how you can make your content story-driven to make it more shoppable for your audience. Again, creativity is super important here, as well as staying true to your brand and your own ethos.

Artificial intelligence to excel

From Tesla’s self-driving cars, to even grocery store giant Tesco experimenting with AI technology in their stores, AI has been making an impact in the world for quite some time now, and there’s no slowing down. While we’re not brunch besties with robots just yet (and hopefully never, hello iRobot movie), when it comes to marketing, AI is actually very useful and is already shaping the way we operate as a whole. It assists us in personalising campaigns, segmenting client data, and automating many of the time-consuming, monotonous activities that bog us down.

With the development of voice search, AI-powered virtual assistants have become mainstream, and as online ad specialists, this means brands will need to alter their SEO and content marketing tactics to better correspond with this style of internet browsing.

One thing’s for sure is that the world of tech and marketing are only going to rise and evolve going forward, continuing to work hand in hand. Well 2022, let’s see what you’ve got!


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