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The PPC Spring clean: 5 areas to tackle

The days are getting longer, the sun (still a bit shy) is peeking through the clouds, birds are chirping and butterflies gliding on a bed of freshly blossomed flowers. Spring is here! You stocked up on Dettol and bleach, put on your marigolds. But spring cleaning isn’t only for your home. It’s also much needed for your PPC accounts.

Check your existing ads

Messages and promotions change frequently. Check through your old ads and weed out any old offers which may have been left active in an ad group. A full check-up on your ads is going to ensure they reflect your current message. This is going to make way for new ads. Also use this as an opportunity to tidy up your ad labels, getting rid of old and unused ones and creating a new set that accurately reflects what is currently running. This will make updating and testing throughout the year much easier

Are your ad extensions still relevant? If there are any old ones lurking about use this time to tidy up your shared library so it’s easier to track which ones are in use across your account and which ones need changing when messaging or offers change.

Consider the time we are in and the relevancy of your ads. Organise for upcoming seasons and who will benefit the most out of your campaigns, adjust accordingly.

Spruce up your keywords

Our behaviour and habits change with the seasons. This reflects on everything from our outfits, the locations we visit and our buying habits. Time to give your PPC accounts a well-needed haircut and get rid of that shaggy hairstyle.

The keywords you have been targeting for the past year may not be relevant to you anymore. Check and eliminate any low performing keywords. Do your ad groups match up? Now is your chance to re-evaluate the keywords that aren’t relevant to your campaigns or any duplicate keywords. Go through and pause duplicate keywords as the change to exact match keywords will create more duplicates across your account.

Clip back your audiences

Adjusting your target audiences is just as important as cleaning up your keywords. How successful are your target audiences? Do your current audiences need extra care? You can reach prospects through interests and preferences which gives you an opportunity to establish who is interested in your product or service along with lookalike audiences. Investigate what’s trending in the world, map out exactly what you have already set up then fill in the blanks.

You should add a wide range of audiences across your campaigns. You can add them with a 0% bid adjustment for cost-effectiveness with collecting important performance data for a wide range of audiences for no added cost.

Check audience utilisation

Are you utilising in-market audiences? Set them up across your campaigns with 0% bid modifier and monitor their performance. Even if you never bid differently, these insights can provide ideas you can implement across channels like Facebook.

Reshape your campaign settings

Give your campaign settings the new hairstyle it deserves! Which locations are you targeting and why? If they aren’t relevant anymore then it’s time to modify your geographical settings. Identify where your traffic is coming from and check why this could be. Research new areas that can be added to your target locations. Analyse the relevance of your ad extensions. Tidy up your shared library so you can easily track live ones and ones that need their message or offers updated.

Happy cleaning!


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